A Casamance village between tradition and future

by Massimo Luconi

Ever since Sonko first left the confines of his village, he has been cultivating the art of poetry, With simplicity, amidst the colours of his land, in the fields and in the shade of the majestic koubanao trees, he talks about his world, our world and his people’s culture.
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In search of the roots of traditional medicine

by Massimo Luconi

A journey in the land of the Dogon to understand the science of Mali’s shaman-healers, used by everyone in a country where the life expectancy is just 48. A group of scientists and researchers have been working for some time with the healers to support and promote traditional medicine.
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Underground culture magazine

by Walter Bencini

Television series with Francesca Alfano Biglietti, Antonio Caronia, Vittore Baroni, Elena Velena, introducing Italian underground culture.
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by Walter Bencini

Length: 23 minutes
Format: Betacam SP 4:3
Production: Insekt Film
Produced by the Province of Arezzo
Language: Italian/English
Year: 1996

INSEKT FILM è una casa di produzione cinematografica indipendente Toscana attiva dal 1997 specializzata nella produzione di documentari per la TV