Un viaggio emozionante nel mondo di Renato Casaro, uno dei più importanti illustratori ancora viventi che l’industria del manifesto cinematografico mondiale abbia mai avuto.Il maestro srotola bozzetti, ricordi, locandine ed emozioni personali sull’epoca d’oro del cinema italiano e sui suoi personaggi. Racconti straordinari di un mondo che non esiste più ma che ci conduce lontano, lasciandoci addosso un’avventurosa, struggente nostalgia. Il film documentario è prodotto dalla INSEKT FILM in collaborazione con SKY ARTE, BERTA FILM e RED VELVET.



Festivals and Awards
2017 – Visioni dal Mondo, “Best Documentary Project” award, Visioni Incontra pitching forum

Biografilm Festival 2018

N.I.C.E. New Italian Cinema Events  2018/2019

Alberese, in the Tuscan Maremma, is home to the last three remaining butteri, heroic men who still rear cattle in the wild, living examples of the possibility of redemption between humans and nature. The eyes of these men and their animals reflect the feeling they have of living a life with meaning, a life that they will never give up. Two young men have joined the group to learn this traditional craft, a tough job that few can do. Only one of them will make it. The future of this ancient world will lie in his hands.

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Bold Italian Flavor is the affirmation that the possibility of producing and cultivating food in a sustainable manner is, today, an economically feasible reality. This reality will be explored on a voyage visiting different italian food communities, with special attention being shown to the type of product each community generates, their modes of processing and distributing it, and, finally, their projects for the future. Although the logic of a local enterprise in a global economy based on large numbers and astronomic balances might appear anachronistic, it is the only possible path. These communities and the food they produce represent the avant-garde of a new sustainable agriculture and of a philosophy of food production attentive to organoleptic quality, sustainability and social equity, founded on a complicity and solidarity that transforms seasoned consumers into modern co-producers.
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Though the distinctive, identity-based economies of the Tuscan islands are becoming increasingly marginalized, crushed by the mirage of easy profits and the invasion of mass tourism, in recent years a number of small farms have been started. Often they are run by courageous and far-sighted young people who are staking their livelihoods on their homeland, bringing together tradition and innovation.
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INSEKT FILM è una casa di produzione cinematografica indipendente Toscana attiva dal 1997 specializzata nella produzione di documentari per la TV