We always lose the things that don’t matter

by Clelia Stincheddu

Diary of a journey to discover the sacred stepwells and urban architecture of India, from Delhi to Benares and Jaipur, finally reaching Chandigarh, the city built by Le Corbusier.
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The hard path of simplicity

The last interview with Sigfrido Bartolini, Tuscan painter, writer, engraver and polemicist, who died in 2007. An exploration of the artist’s works though the memories of Maccari, Tamburi, Messina, Del Noce and Prezzolini. An intense and precise overview of the Italian post-war artistic scene during an era of artifice and appearances.
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by Tonio Damia

Length: 30 minutes
Format: Betacam SP 4:3 Pal/Secam
Editing: Walter Bencini
Production: Insekt Film
Produced by: Tomas Angeli for Rai 3
Language: Italian
Year: 2003

INSEKT FILM è una casa di produzione cinematografica indipendente Toscana attiva dal 1997 specializzata nella produzione di documentari per la TV